Using with pfSense

Using with pfSense is very straightforward and shouldn't take more than ten minutes to set up.

  • This assumes you are using pfSense as the DHCP server.
  • You need to have a TFTP server prior to this, there is a TFTP package available for pfSense.

Start by downloading the netboot file from Place the file in the directory configured by your TFTP server. Now head over to the configuration of the DHCP service on the pfSense web-ui.

Scroll down to the TFTP section and input the ip-address of the TFTP server. Next enable network booting and input the ip-address of the TFTP server again. Under default BIOS name you input the name of the file, "".


And that's it. Save the configuration and restart the DHCP server. You should now be able to network boot and use